Get ready! It's time to plan your spring celebration.

Get ready! It's time to plan your spring celebration.

Although you may still be donning your winter coat and mittens, spring is almost here and time to plan your upcoming wedding shower, birthday party, and more.

Here are some tips:

  • Whether it is indoors or outdoors make sure it captures the freshness and beauty of spring.
  • Use the colors of spring as your inspiration.
  • Prep the day before so you aren’t stuck in the kitchen or running around the whole time.
  • If you aren’t hiring a professional photographer, tell a friend or two to capture the moments.
  • Keep a basket, small notes, and a pen near the entrance so guests can write special messages for you.
  • Have a buffet style fete and serve delicious bite-size appetizers and desserts displayed at different levels.
  • Have a beautiful flower arrangement in the center of your buffet table and matching single flower arrangements all around the room.
  • Have a drink station with pitchers of juice, an ice bucket, and citrus slices and berries. Keep simple glasses and have straws that match your color scheme.
  • Send your guests off with elegant wrapped favors so they leave the party with memories of the special day.

 Remember March may come in like a lion but it goes out like a lamb. Are you ready?

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11 Ways to bring in 2017 with glitz and sparkle but no stress

11 Ways to bring in 2017 with glitz and sparkle but no stress

You want to plan the perfect New Year's Eve party.  But how do you make it stress free and still full of sparkle, glitz and excitement?  Below are 11 ways to make it hassle and stress free:

1) Make a list and don't forget to cross off each task after it is done.

2) Recruit friends and family to help so you can focus on the tasks you are comfortable with, and they will feel more involved.

3) Only cook foods that you can prep and make ahead of time like quiches and tarts so you aren't stuck in the kitchen during the party. Better yet, make it a potluck and have your guests bring their favorite dish.

4) Stock up on nuts, crackers, cookies and cheese.

5) Use dinnerware paper products. Coupling the convenience of one time use with designs that sparkle and shine today's products are so well made, your guests will think it looks like the "real thing".

6) Serve an assortment of drinks. From sodas to juices to fancy coffee and tea.

7) Keep it "clean". Keep the excess clutter in a closed room and turn off the lights.

8) Make it a buffet. Spread all the food on a kitchen island or a long table but pull it away from the wall.  This way guests can be on all four sides and get to the food easily.

9) Have your favorite mix of celebratory tunes playing in the background. But don't keep it so loud that people have to scream to talk.

10) Make your decorations sparkle. Use shiny fabrics, paper and string lights or use LED candles to create the perfect ambience.

11) Keep plenty of disposable containers on hand like bright Chinese food containers so your guests can take home all the delicious leftovers and less clean up for you.  

Shabbir Darugar
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